Devoted Builders

Better Building for Better Living

A Team Approach to Custom and Semi-Custom Home Building

Each member of our team plays a different role in the journey of building a custom home, but we all have one common goal; to build a home our team and our customer will be proud of.

To support that goal we continue to expand and improve our processes. Processes that promote constructive collaboration, encourage creativity, and streamline communication.

It begins with careful attention to homesite analysis and home plan design. We will assist with feasibility of a proposed homesite and create a home plan to fit that site perfectly. Or, start with the perfect home plan and locate theĀ  homesite that best fits the needs of the plan. Either way, rely on our expertise to seek and discover crucial information that should be known long before construction begins.

Once a homesite is identified and your home plan is drafted the fun part begins! Our team will coordinate appointments, conduct research and guide you through the process of fine-tuning details and selecting finish materials. Together we will collaborate with interior designers, and our team craftsmen to piece together what will be your new home.

Allow our experience coupled with our desire to incorporate fresh ideas and elements to create a home that is as unique and authentic as you are!
From homesite analysis to construction and keys, with the Devoted team you will witness a house, becoming a home. A shelter and sanctuary where memories will be made and revisited time and again. | Justin Carroll, Project Manager | 509-727-5536